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Rap Radar Ep. 20: Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle sits down with Rap Radar (s/o Elliot Wilson and and gives some valuable insight detailing his journey from slinging drugs in a vacant lot to owning the anchor store in same lot after it transformed to a shopping center.  His philosophy of co-operative economics, self reliance, the new music economy and HUSTLE should inspire anyone trying to succeed in life.

Marathon Clothing is an integrated marketing retail store that is next level using smart technology in a retail space that would normally be in a high end boutique in Beverly Hills or Manhattan but is located in his hood.  Nipsey reveals why he decided to sign to Atlantic Records and shares some stories about his new album, Victory Lap is in stores now.

Mo’Nique Speaks On Racial And Gender Inequality In Hollywood + More

Mo'Nique Breakfast Club

After being given the “Donkey of the Day” from Charlamagne, Mo’Nique came to The Breakfast Club to set the record straight.  Her husband/manager Sidney was on via phone and they addressed the information that Charlamagne used to form his opinion.  Charlamagne stuck to his guns regarding recent success by Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock and Amy Schumer as the primary reason that Netflix low balled Mo’Nique with a $500,000 offer for her Netflix deal.   Wanda Sykes also confirmed that she was low balled also despite her success.

This appears to be a classic case of gender and racial bias.  Despite Chapelle and Rock getting lucrative deals, Mo’Nique reminds us that glass ceilings for women of color remain difficult to navigate especially if your are not willing to play games that so many other have chosen to.

While Charlamagne continues to see this as a simple case of “Look at the numbers”, people must remember, Numbers CAN be misinterpreted.  Everyone must be objective and examine the numbers and don’t just take them at face value.  For generations, Black movies have had to produce mind boggling numbers despite nominal budgets in order to have a shot at a second project.


Dame Dash provides input:

What do you think?

Dice Raw sits down with VIDEO MIX TV to discuss The Last Jimmy (Part 4 of 4)

faisal and dice 2

In this final segment of the exclusive interview, Dice Raw let’s us know about the community outreach component of the play where he visits local schools to help inspire the youth and spits a freestyle to give viewers some inspiration and more…

Phillip Brown sits down with VIDEO MIX TV to discuss The Last Jimmy (Part 3 of 4)

written by phillip brown

Phillip Brown, writer & director of The Last Jimmy, discusses how he came on board with the project.  Gives some touching insight on his thesis of how young men that grow up without father’s often find themselves systematically participating in the prison pipeline economy.

Dice Raw sits down with VIDEO MIX TV to discuss The Last Jimmy (Part 2 of 4)

Faisal and dice

In advance of the Miami debut of The Last Jimmy at the Arsht Center, Dice Raw gives more insight on the inspiration that birthed The Last Jimmy. Inspired by Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow and his album, Jimmy’s Back. Gives some history on Jim Crow, connection with the play Hamilton and touches on the Kendrick Lamar controversy.

Dice Raw sits down with VIDEO MIX TV to discuss The Last Jimmy ( Part 1 of 4)


In advance of the Miami debut of The Last Jimmy, Dice Raw sits down with Faisal XT to share some insight of growing up in Philly, how Hip Hop impacted his life and how he linked up with the founding members of the Legendary Roots Crew

The Last Jimmy – Arsht Center Jan 12-13 2018

The Last Jimmy


Coming to the Arsht Center January 12th & 13th, The Last Jimmy is a hip-hop musical odyssey featuring song, live music and dance. This production follows the plight of the last Black man left to be imprisoned by a court and prison system stacked against young men of color. The Last Jimmy was created by 5-time Grammy® nominated rapper Dice Raw of The Legendary Roots Crew and inspired by Dr. Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow. Written and directed by Phillip S. Brown, The Last Jimmy also features original music and lyrics by Dice Raw —

For more info and tickets reservations: Log on to or call 305.949.6722.


VIDEO MIX TV – The Round Table Call In With Baby Blue

The Round Table - Baby Blue Interview

Baby Blue, from the legendary group Pretty Ricky, called in to The Round Table to discuss the group reuniting for a new album, recent appearance on The Breakfast Club and carrying the R&B torch for South Florida. Tune in to The Round Table with The Street League (D1 the MC, YB Millions & DJ Wrek) every Saturday from 1-4PM…Broadcast on local TV in Miami and Atlanta plus streamed live on

VIDEO MIX TV – The Boy Illinois Phone Interview

The Boy Illinois Interview

The Boy Illinois called in to the Yella Boi Show to chop it up with Yella Boi and D1 THE MC to give our viewers some insight and perspective from the front lines in Chicago. They discuss some of the causes of the unbelievable number of shootings and deaths from gun violence in Chi-Town. The Boy Illinois also debuted the video for his new song “Dance Like Diddy”. As the mainstream media continues to marginalize the coverage of the killings in Chicago, VIDEO MIX TV will continue to bring the facts to our viewers. VIDEO MIX TV…TUNE IN & TURN UP

VIDEO MIX TV Interview with Emerging Slip-n-Slide Records Artist Teenear

Teenear Interview

Chaos caught up with Teenear while she was making a promo run in Tallahassee and shared a phone call on Grind Mode 101 TV. Teenear shares some of her inspiration to do music, love of performing along with some insight to her creative process for writing music and discusses her current single, “Last Night”. Teenear is one of Miami’s rising stars and has carved out her lane with an appealing Pop R&B feel to her music. VIDEO MIX has supported Teenear since the release of her first video, “Friday Night” featuring Sage the Gemini and will remain in her corner as she navigates her way to the top.