Mo’Nique Speaks On Racial And Gender Inequality In Hollywood + More

After being given the “Donkey of the Day” from Charlamagne, Mo’Nique came to The Breakfast Club to set the record straight.  Her husband/manager Sidney was on via phone and they addressed the information that Charlamagne used to form his opinion.  Charlamagne stuck to his guns regarding recent success by Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock and Amy Schumer as the primary reason that Netflix low balled Mo’Nique with a $500,000 offer for her Netflix deal.   Wanda Sykes also confirmed that she was low balled also despite her success.

This appears to be a classic case of gender and racial bias.  Despite Chapelle and Rock getting lucrative deals, Mo’Nique reminds us that glass ceilings for women of color remain difficult to navigate especially if your are not willing to play games that so many other have chosen to.

While Charlamagne continues to see this as a simple case of “Look at the numbers”, people must remember, Numbers CAN be misinterpreted.  Everyone must be objective and examine the numbers and don’t just take them at face value.  For generations, Black movies have had to produce mind boggling numbers despite nominal budgets in order to have a shot at a second project.


Dame Dash provides input:

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